Grand Sponsorship

There are only 1 Available Grand Sponsorship of which Grand Mountain Rides will match the $2,500.  You will be featured on this first slide with our logo.  See below for all benefits.

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A Community First Program

Grand Mountain Rides is starting a program to help the community and hopefully eliminate DUI/DWI violation's.  We hope to do this by eliminating any excuse for getting behind the wheel drunk or buzzed.  By doing this, we not only hope to keep people's night safe, and out of trouble, but also safe as many lives as possible, including yours.  We will begin in the Winter Park/Fraser area and hope to expand with the communities support.  We hope to have this program fully operational by Friday, 28th May, 2021.

Customer Benefits

As a bar patron using this program at a Participating Location, you will receive a Safe Ride Home in Private, Clean, Luxury Transportation for only $5, $10 if Tabernash.

Participating Location

Own a Local Bar in the Winter Park/Fraser area or want your favorite location included?  Its easy and Free to become a Participating Location.  Have your favorite location reach out today.

Sponsors/Community Support

This program's success will depend on both the support of the community and Program Sponsors.  Whether you would like to become a Sponsor, or just support the program, both GMR and the Community Thanks You.

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