Grand Mountain Rides is a locally owned and operated startup company based out of Fraser, CO.  Owner Michael Brown saw a need throughout the mountains for safe, reliable rides at a fair price.  Not only that but offering food delivery as well, similar to the Uber Eats app.  The ride booking and delivery app will be one in the same and is scheduled to be ready by November 2020.  GMR is dedicated to ensuring their customers have the best possible experience at a fair price.  This will be achieved by putting the drivers on the same level as the customer, and ensuring they have what they need to be successful.  

GMR also understand's that in order to be a successful business, it needs the support from the community.  Michael feels he can achieve this by putting the community first and helping to ensure growth and prosperity within.  This is a necessity as GMR understands that without a healthy community the business cannot survive.

Grand Mountain Rides will also have a program for all of our drivers to help donate to their favorite cause.  This program will allow for drivers to donate to their favorite organization or charity by doing nothing but earning money by driving.  Every quarter, a donation in the drivers name will be made to their organization or charity of choice.  GMR feels this is a great way to be bi-partisan and unbiased.  This also allows every driver a voice as too how GMR is to help the people who need it most.

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